Commercial Products & Services

The Bank provides all corporate, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and professional clients with a wide range of banking products and services to meet their needs. We also offer a wide range of special credit facilities, such as Kafalat, Subsidized and so on, helping us support their business growth and build a long-term business relationship.



These products & services cover the different liquidity needs of the clients through:

  • Overdraft facilities.
  • Short term loans.
  • Medium and long term loans.
  • Commercial discounted bills.
  • Letters of credit (import and export LCs). 
  • Documentary collections.
  • Letters of guarantee such as: bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, financial guarantees, standby letters of credit.

Documents required from clients applying for credit facilities:

  • Clear copies of client(s) identification papers.
  • Copy of Company’s Certificate of Rregistration in the Commercial Register “ اذاعة تجارية ”.
  • Copy of the company’s Commercial Register “ شهادة تسجيل ”.
  • Copy of the company’s by-laws (If applicable).
  • Client’s personal net worth (properties, cash assets, investments, stocks, and other valuables).
  • Audited (If available) or in-house financial statments for the previous 3- years.
  • Statement of accounts from other banking institutions (If available).

We deal with corporate customers on a case-by-case basis, so we can find out the best form our partnership can take. FBL has an active professional team covering all segments of the commercial business and is fully dedicated and committed to present the best advisory services to our clients. We hope to do more than just help you start or expand your business, we hope to be trusted partners in ensuring your success. 

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Disclaimer: The Bank reserves itself the right to request any guarantees on a case by case basis.