60 Years and more to come

The Federal Bank of Lebanon is a retail Bank registered as a joint stock company established in 1952 by the late Michel Ayoub Saab. The Bank offers retail services and is today present in Lebanon only, with one head office located on Charles Malek Avenue in Ashrafieh, and 9 branches throughout the country (Ashrafieh, Ras Beirut, Aley, Dora, Downtown, Damour, Jbeil, Bourj Hamoud & Mazraa).

The Bank was amongst the 20 first Banks to be established in Lebanon, and is today owned by the late founder’s two sons Ayoub Farid Michel Saab, and Fadi Michel Saab.

Having been on the financial market for over 60 years, the Federal bank of Lebanon s.a.l is the only Lebanese Bank owned by Lebanese citizens in its entirety. Led by a skilled management team and dedicated staff, the Bank provides a full range of retail banking products and services. These include: Commercial, Trade and Corporate Finance, Retail Banking, Smart Cards, ATM's and Financial Market Brokerage.

The Federal Bank of Lebanon's main aim is to be a "boutique" Bank with distinctive characteristics catering banking services primarily to small and medium sized enterprises.

FBL’s Brand New Strategy

• The bank is being re-branded by its new logo and Boutique Banking theme.
• The relocation of existing branches to prime areas and the opening of new branches are part of the local expansion plan.
• New added value services and products are being introduced.
• A new organizational structure and training plan to attract and retain exceptional Human Capital to the Bank.
• The upgrading of the systems, equipment and tools are underway to optimize the bank’s capital resources.

IT core system

To support its rapid growth, FBL has reorganized its structure, technology platform, processes and operational procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness. It has already successfully upgraded its IT core system through the implementation of  the Temenos T24 system. It has also installed new anti-money laundering software to detect fraudulent transactions, and is currently adopting a full range risk management system and asset liability management system.

High standards of governance

FBL promotes sound corporate governance practices. The Board is actively involved in establishing the highest standards of governance that emphasize transparency and accountability at every level of the business. It has implemented a Code of Conduct for the Directors of the Bank, a Code of Ethics, an Internal Audit Charter as well as a Board Audit Committee.

Risk management

The bank is committed to complying with internationally recognized risk management policies. It has revised its credit policies and procedures and has adopted the 6 Sigma internal risk rating system which is used by the leading financial institutions and is approved by the Central Bank of Lebanon.